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Gemma gives John’s letters to Jax, explaining John was planning on getting the Sons out of gun running, and Clay killed him to prevent that, although she hides the information concerning her and Unser’s role in John’s death. She also tells Jax that Clay killed Piney and tried to have Tara killed, telling him his only course of action now is to kill Clay, and become president of SAMCRO. Tara gives Jax a syringe, telling Jax he should kill Clay so as to make it look like a complication after his surgery, and that once it is done, she will be ready to leave Charming with him. As Potter and Roosevelt prepare to storm the Galindo/Irish Kings meet, it transpires that neither Romeo nor Torres is who anyone thought them to be. However, without Clay to oversee the deal, the Irish Kings are unwilling to talk, presenting a dilemma for Jax.

  • Director: Kurt Sutter
  • Cast: Charlie Hunnam | Katey Sagal | Mark Boone Junior
  • Rating (IMDB): 9.1
  • Today: 279 Views
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